"Being Passionate Is The Shit"

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The greatest pleasure in life is doing something that people say you cannot do

~Bill Kaulitz


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happy 25th birthday Kaulitz Twins!

the 6th gif..my favorite gif of them evaaa!

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Happy 25th Birthday Bill and Tom ♥

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Such a sweet smile Tom :) ♥ 

Such a gentle spirit he has..love him!

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He`s so handsome ♥

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*Silly Moments* XD

*I wasn’t able to make a special Birthday edit, but I hope you enjoy this*

*Happiest of Birthday’s to our beloved twins*

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I can`t believe you are 25 years old ♥

Happy Birthday twins ♥

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happy birthday, Bill & Tom!

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Happy 25th Birthday Bill and Tom! 

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Happy Birthday to my favorite Human. I have seen you grow from a young boy to an incredible young man, all while remaining 100% yourself. You teach me every day to; live my life, be myself and to follow my dreams- no matter what. I thank you for all the wonderful memories and moments you have shared with me. I wish you all the happiness on your special day, and always.

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Happy birthday my sunshine, Bill Kaulitz.

[1st September, 1989]

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Happy 25th birthday Bill Kaulitz.

the best birthday present i ever got was born 10 minutes before i was

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H  A  P  P  Y    B  I  R  T  H  D  A  Y!

Bill & Tom Kaulitz - September 1st 1989

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happy 25th birthday Kaulitz Twins!